UCM Fine Arts graduated student, Miguel Sainz Ojeda has had exhibitions in Spain and Italy and joined several artist-in-residence programs. Has been also selected for 53 Queen Sofia Prize and Finalist for 2019 Ibercaja Painting Prize and Finalist for Foundation La Gaceta Young Talents Prize. Has works in private collections, UCM Drawing and Printmaking Department, Foundation San Millan de la Cogolla and Contemporary Museum of Art of Ayllón. In 2018 has collaborated with Cai Studio and The National Museum of Prado as painting assistant for the Cai Guo Qiang’s The Spirit of Painting exhibition. Miguel Sainz Ojeda´s artworks connecting a wide range of concepts incorporated from japanese yokai, chinese calligraphy, graffiti tags, children’s spontaneous drawings and the abstract painting movement. The exploration of the unexpected leads one and each of his paintings, where with any preidea, the unknown, the absurd or the accidental, end up conveying glimpses of his own world.